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Hitesh  Kr. Seth

Problem: How to make a Java NT Service

1. Implement your Java Server (for this project it's class is Server)

  these classes are (say) installed in C:\users\hks 

2. Implement the C program which implements the Service, it uses Invocation API of JDK 1.1Final 

this file is kept in (say) C:\users\hks\service.exe 

3. Implement the C program which installs the NT Service 

4. Install the Service in Windows NT 

5. Go to Control Panel and start the Service 

6. Try Contacting the Service (connect to port 4000) and it should give you the date,time of the day.

Source Code 

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Note: Parts of this article are taken from MSVC 2.0 Sample Source Code distribution. service.c is a tailored version of an MSVC example
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